Robert Fletcher
Mr. Fletcher has over 43 years of aviation, airport, air traffic control and management experience.Robert served 27 years with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and held numerous executive leadership positions such as Regional Manager, Facility Manager, Operations Manager, and Operations Supervisor. In addition to his management responsibilities, Robert also worked as an Air Traffic Controller and traffic management coordinator.

Mr. Fletcher’s unique experience covers all three specialties in Air Traffic Control; Enroute, Terminal and Air Traffic Control Tower, which is quite rare. He has immense knowledge in the areas of management, safety, systems, operations, procedures, resource management and human capital deployment.


  • TaxiBot Operational Concept Manual Development – Air Traffic Control and Operations Expert for the development of TaxiBot procedures at London Heathrow, SeaTac, Los Angeles, John F Kennedy, Munich, Paris Charles De Gaulle, Changi Singapore, Philadelphia and Newark International Airports
  • Joint Ramp Tower project City of Denver and United Airlines at Denver International Airport
  • Aviation Consultant
  • Manager, Denver Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)
  • ATC Representative Transport Canada Cross border conference
  • Manager, Resource Management Branch, Federal Aviation Administration, Western Terminal Operations
  • Specialist, Resource Management Branch, Federal Aviation Administration, Western Terminal Operations
  • Operations Manager, Phoenix Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON)
  • Phoenix lead for FAA’s Northwest 2000 airspace redesign
  • ATC Representative for Phoenix Airspace Users Work Group (PAUWG)
  • Operations Supervisor, Phoenix TRACON
  • Certified Professional Controller, Phoenix TRACON
  • Operations Supervisor, Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC)
  • Certified Professional Controller, Area 3, Denver ARTCC
  • Traffic Management, Coordinator
  • Certified Professional Controller, Area 4, Denver ARTCC
  • Military Operations Specialist, Denver ARTCC
  • Certified Professional Controller, Area 5, Denver ARTCC
  • Air Traffic Controller, United States Navy


  • UASpace 2013 to present
  • Banner Group, November 2009 to present
  • Fletcher Aviation Consulting, June 2009 to present
  • Federal Aviation Administration, January 2, 1982 to January 3, 2009
  • United States Navy, September 1976 to August 1981
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