We are a ‘one-stop-shop’ of international consulting and engineering group provides complete hoisting aviation security operations and technology integrated solutions.

Our wide-ranging services consist of:

  • Mandatory threat, vulnerability, and risk assessment
  • On-going open-source intelligence evaluation
  • Holistic security operations procedures and process,
  • Integration and facilitation of technology solutions programs
  • Development, design, and planning of Integrated Security Management Systems (ISMS),
  • Manage and oversee ISMS implementation,
  • Required training, certification and operation testing

About us  

Banner Group Aviation Security is an Israeli based firm with unique know-how, expertise, and proven experience with domestic and international AVIATION SECURITY projects.

Banner Group Aviation Security is known for its integrated approach in design, plan, and management of holistic aviation security solutions that address client needs while complying with ICAO, IATA, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and EU requirements. Our leaders and team cover the entire scope of aviation management and operations.

Our integrated solutions combined interoperability and effective operation, cost-effective utilization of systems, and competent regulatory complacence.

Airport security check

Airport security check. Containers with personal belongings (passport, smartphone, wallet, keys) before x-ray control.

Banner Group Aviation Security competitive advantage from the impeccable synergy, flexibility and diversify know-how between the Israeli and US partners.

Our international collaboration with global leaders in diversifies aviation consultancy services enlarges our flexibility, quick decision making, and accessibility to complex projects.

 Our Security Background

The Banner Aviation Security team members have operated at some of the world’s most complex environments under both normal and extreme threat levels. Members have served as top-level management in designing and leading the operations of several major national aviation security and counterterrorism agencies.

Technology should be carefully adopted

Technology should be carefully adopted

Our complete range of aviation security and public safety solutions, routine and emergency operations, technology systems, project’s implementation, and training programs, are compliant with international standards, state legislation, government requirements, corporate procedures, and private criteria.

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